At Opulen Financial Group, LLC we strive to be the lead advisor in all of your financial matters. We pride ourselves on taking a comprehensive and proactive approach to your planning. Our initial consultation is meant as a “get to know each other” meeting in which you get to learn about us and we get to learn about your goals, hopes, needs and wants. If we feel are a good team then our 2nd meeting will entail a fact finding session in which we dive deep into your financials, setup specific goals and discuss some preliminary planning ideas. From there our 3rd meeting will be a solutions presentation in which you learn about the specific steps you will need to take in order to meet your goals followed up by regular and ongoing review meetings to make sure everything is getting implemented and you maintain your trajectory towards your goals!

Financial Planning

  • Customized Retirement Analysis
  • College and Education Planning
  • Spending Analysis
  • Pension Planning and Distribution Options
  • 401K Rollover/Deferral Options
  • Social Security Optimization
  • Required Minimum Distribution Planning
  • Ongoing Review Meetings

Investment Management

  • Asset Allocation Planning
  • Portfolio Design
  • Performance Analysis
  • Ongoing Investment Monitoring & Oversight
  • Rebalancing & Portfolio Adjustments

Risk Management

  • Insurance Needs Analysis
  • Life Insurance Evaluation and Review
  • Disability Insurance Gap Analysis
  • Long Term Care Insurance

Tax Planning & Estate Planning

  • Beneficiary Review and Estate Planning
  • LGBT Issues
  • Tax Loss Harvesting
  • Tax Efficient Investing